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Companies to Watch in 2015 (Monitor Global Outlook, April 2015)

With brokerages seeing big increases in net profit, the country’s two main indexes rising in value, economic growth picking up pace, and inflation remaining low, analysts at several of Vietnam’s most successful and respected investment groups claim there has never been a better time to invest in the country...

The following is an excerpt from Monitor Global Outlook's Vietnam report, to which Thu Nguyen, CEO&CIO of Vietnam Asset Management Ltd., contributed valuable input. Ms Nguyen particularly commented on a number of stocks that she believes investors should look out for in 2015.


Danang Rubber Joint Stock Co.


Tires  upside 15% This company from central Vietnam, with a market cap of $238 million, specialises in making rubber tires and inner tubes for motorbikes, automobiles, and tractors, and has a market share of around 35 percent for the latter. It is particularly popular with companies in the mining industry, which own many trucks and heavy duty vehicles. It has benefitted from a rule change on the weight limit of trucks, which has left owners requiring heavier tires and expanded fleets. “I like this stock at the moment,” says Thu Nguyen, CEO of Vietnam Asset Management Ltd., “It has benefitted from a downtrend in the natural rubber price, meaning its input price has been decreasing, but its selling price has not fallen at the same rate. There is a good opportunity for upside this year.” RISKS:  Fluctuating rubber price.

 Kinh Bac City Development Share Holding Corp.


Real estate development – upside 30% – Kinh Bac is known particularly for its developments in Vietnam’s northern industrial zones, particularly around Hai Phong. The company also helps provide water and electricity supply services to the zones. With foreign direct investment flooding into the industrializing country, there is a lot of money to be made in this sector. According to Thu Nguyen, the company has acquired a significant portfolio of properties and has a market cap of $407 million. RISKS: Valuations of real estate companies more subject to speculative forces than other stocks; competition for land.

Hoa Sen Group.


Construction materials – upside of over 30% – Ms. Thu believes that this company, with a market cap of $156 million, offers greater upside potential than Hoa Phat as it is less commodity-based and is being sold down to a very cheap 7.7 P/E. Hoa Sen produces galvanized steel products and construction materials that are popular with end users, particularly in rural areas. Its zinc sheets can be used as roofing and also for walls (instead of brick and mortar), and have been sold to companies looking to build cheap factories. The company has a high profile after sponsoring two tours of Vietnam by Australian motivational speak Nick Vujicic. RISKS: Steel price fluctuations; domestic and Chinese competition. 


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